attack on america


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i am in shock.

this is unbelievable. this is utter evil. whoever did this to america, whoever killed thousands and thousands of inncoent people, whoever kamikazed into the world trade towers, whoever blew up the pentagon, whoever hijacked the plane in pennsylvania, whoever is behind all this, i hope they rot in hell for all of eternity. this is pure evil at work. when those planes crashed into the WTC, and killed those innocent civilians, those in the planes, those in manhattan, they killed INNOCENT PEOPLE. they killed mothers. they killed fathers. they killed children. the killed unborn babies. for no reason other than that they are sick, evil, deluded terrorists. i cannot even express my sorrow and sympathy for those lost, for those families that lost people, for those that, AS I TYPE THIS, LAY DYING IN THE RUINS OF WHAT WAS ONCE AMERICA. this is the most tragic event to ever strike america. i hope everyone everywhere says some sort of prayer. only God can help us now. "for evil to triumph, it only takes good men to stand and do nothing."-vernon johns (thanks, mr. t). are we going to stand by and do nothing? no, we are going to retaliate. we are going to find whoever did this and make them pay, dearly. God bless us all...

september eleventh, 2001, 6:27 PM, Eastern Standard Time