she's an opinionated lil bugger, ain't she?


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ooh, now we're gettin' controversial! momma like!

God is too big for just one religion

i like to think of myself as an eclectic-agnostic. i believe there is an afterlife and a higher power. i believe in having a personal relationship with God, as one understands Him/Her/Them. i am a transcendentalist- each person has their own individual niche in the world as one can never be truly happy until they've found their niche. i think a relationship with God, the belief that there is a higher power than us, is essential. i think you have to find which religion works for you; don't just believe something because someone tells you it's right. really think about what you believe, don't just accept someone else's idea as your own because they told you it's right. my favorite quote ever comes into play here:
"believe NOTHING, no matter where you read it, or who has said it, not even if *I* have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense." -buddha
i say i am eclectic-agnostic because i don't believe just ONE religion, but i believe that there is a higher power. i used to be a full-flegded southern baptist christian, but then i started thinking for myself about what i really believed. and i realized i don't believe in a lot of what the Bible says. i don't believe that homosexuality is wrong. i don't believe that women are inferior to men. i believe in evolution and the big bang theory. i take many of my philosophies by which i live from a variety of different religions- buddhism, hinduism, and christianity for the most part. i belive God is too big to fit inside one religion. i think that no one should try to force their religion on anyone.
i encourage everyone that reads this to think for themselves and come to their own conclusion.

i am a libertarian

i am a libertarian. this means that i belong to the libertarian political party. we believe in a governement that allows people to do whatever they want to pursure happiness as long as it doesn't infringe on other's happiness. we believe in individual freedom and self-government, a non-interference foreign policy, and a free-market economy- basically, we believe in personal liberty. we belived drugs should be legalized and there should be tougher punishment for REAL crimes, such as rapes and murders.
you can look at and for more information.

i am pro-life

i believe that abortion is homicide. i believe that from the second that a zygote implants on the uterine wall, it is a person. i am against stem-cell research and other laboratory procedures that use embryos and then throw them away. i believe they are killing humans, killing PEOPLE. i do not believe that the Pill and other forms of hormonal birth control are killing lives, however.
if you are considering abortion, PLEASE don't do it. there ARE other options. one can put the baby up for adoption or raise the baby oneself. go to  to get the numbers for hotlines that can help. is a good, informative site, but i don't particularly like the angle or demographic. still informative, though.
PLEASE don't be a murderer.

keep in mind that i'm not trying to offend anyone. these are MY beliefs, and if you disagree, so be it.