essay: homophobia


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i am sick of all the closed-minded people.

i do not believe homosexuality is wrong. and frankly, i don't see what the big deal is. so someone wants to have a relationship with a member of their own sex. what's the big deal? why should anyone care. it's just like any other relationship. just because someone is a homosexual doesn't mean that that's the sole definition of their existence. heterosexuals don't define themselves by their sexuality, why should homosexuals?  you rarely hear someone say "my aunt, well she's a.. you know, a heterosexual, and she makes the best lentil soup i've ever had." but if the aunt happened to be a lesbian, it would automatically be brought into the conversation.
i think the whole idea of heterosexism is ludicrous (that's discriminataion against homosexuals, for all you fine people out there). what, are you scared you're going to catch it or something? "oh my god, i touched that guy, now i have the gay too!!!" it just doesn't make sense to me. what people do in their private lives is not any one else's business but their own. not the army, not the boy scouts, no one.
it really offends me when people use the word "gay" as a putdown. "dude, that's so gay." "dude, you're such a fag." "my computer is being homosexual." it's just so derogatory! but people say it all the time without thinking. you want to know the gayest poeple i've ever met? homosexuals. i mean, jesus, these people are just so frikkin' gay it's not even funny.   
i also take offense to (can you tell this whole issue is a touchy one for me?) the whole lesbians rule/gays drool thing. why is it automatically okay for girls to have sex (provided they let you watch), but gay males are seen as disgusting and "perverted"? isn't this sexism at it's very core? it may be a matter of personal preference... i don't know many straight guys that get off on watching two guys make love, but this doens't mean that two guys having sex is wrong or perverted at all.
i challenge everyone who reads this to open your mind and accept homosexuality as a lifestyle. this doen't mean one has to agree with it- i know that homosexuality goes against some religious beliefs- but at least try not to view it as perverted.

we don't need more hate in this world.