we'll always have paris


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j'adore parler francais...

i really really do. this fall, i'm starting my third course of study on it. i love france and pretty much everything connected with it. yet i have never been there. everyone else has. my own father, the one whose sperm gave me life, went to france with his girlfriend but did he take me? no. my french class went on a class trip to paris but did my mom let me go? no. my aunt and her family has been. did they take me? no. why oh why is this great injustice? tell me!!! WHY??!?

okay anyway these are some pictures elizabeth took when she went on the class trip and gave to me. some of them are sideways, but you've got a good neck now don't you? hover your mouse over the picture to get a desription. enjoy.

this is l'arc de triomphe in paris;it's near the end of champ d'elysses

this is the louvre; the museum in paris where the mona lisa is housed. the girl running to it in the picture is my friend mary.

the eiffel tower! presumably at night, because it's all lit up pretty. in 1999, it had a big electronic sign counting down the days until 2000.

this si the notre dame in paris; it's a very old cathedral. the stained glass window in the center has a special name but i can't remember it. it's very pretty

this is a garden in the palace of versailles