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confessions of a weirdo

*i sleep naked.
*i am a slob.
*i am addicted to sweet tea. i drink 1 1/2 to 2 gallons every day, and more during the summer and weekend.
*i like to eat lots of fruit and sweet tea for breakfast.
*i am a transcendentalist.
*henry david thoreau is my personal hero.
*i despise gossip with a passion.
*i love to discuss philosophy.
*my favorite tv show is inavder zim.
*right now my nails are really dirty.
*i clean my nails with a safety pin.
*my favorite restaurants are china garden and hops.
*i wiah the laughing seed cafe in asheville, nc, would franchise so i could eat there.
*actually, i wish any veggie restaurant would open around here.
*right now i am wearing black undies.
*my sex life, or lack thereof, is none of your damn business. so don't ask.
*i like cats. a dream is to be the crazy cat lady when i get old.
*i hate it when ppl type like this!!!11 it sux!!! LOL!!!1 *giggle* l8er!
*i don't shave.
*i don't wear makeup.
*i really don't care what you think about that.
*i'm a vegetarian.
*my tummy hurts right now.
*i am straight.
*that doesn't mean i'm going to deny that some women are just HOT.
*i don't like being around depressing people.
*i have a rather loud voice.
*i'm probably not going to go to college right after graduation.

all above content is true