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you just HAD to be a rebel, didn't you?

ooh, look at you, all disobeying the links. "ooh, i'm a badbutt now! i'm dangerous, goin' around clicking on all these LINKS. woo-hoo, yo mama betta watch out TONIGHT!" well, i got something to tell you, mr. i-have-a-problem-with-authority. i pity the fool that click on this link! that's right! i pity the fool! don't mess with me, i'm a tough little suburban white girl! that's right! I'm baaaad. you betta watch yoself! wit SOAP! that's right, i'm one crazy mofo. ooh! what you want? what you want? be all lookin at me. why? why? what i do? what i do? always with the lookin'. why? what? i'm not GOOD enough for you? well, i'll TELL you how GOOD i am. that's right! yo mama! yo mama's so goth they only sell her count chocula cereal! yo mama's so goth she farts bats. yo mama's so goth when she was born, the doctor spanked her and she didn't cry. yo mama's so goth she's day-id! that's right! don't mess with the gothic mama! arrrgh! i'm a pirate!! walk the plank, matey! that's right! into the shark-infested waters of the atlantic! ocean, that is.

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