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June 23rd, 2003- I've decided not to update anymore. The website is just a pain in the butt to update, and not, I think, worth the effort. If you still want to check out my writings, check out my journal at the link below. I haven't given up the fight ;p, I'm still plenty inspired about the issues we as a species face. However, this website is no longer the outlet for them. The site will still be here, as it is now, and will remain here until it gets shelved by Tripod. I love you all, and thanks for the memories.
                                                          Sincerely, Natalie

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beinvenu, welcome, bienvenidos, and all that.



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this site is a myriad of ramblings, opinions, musings, and thoughts of an american youth who derives intense pleasure from subverting paradigms and balking at societal norms. this site supports free speech and expression of differing viewpoints contorversial topics. uptight and right-wing conservatives need not apply.

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here's all the (rare) updates i've made so far.

7.10.01- started building my site.
7.26.01- continued building my site. (put "jackass" in quotation marks so people know it's a TV show don't think I'm a perverted animal freak.)
7.27.01- continued to update. added links page. added music page. added stupid things page. also, i got a haircut.
7.29.01-continued updating. added guestbook. added paris page. added right side page. added counter. (i carried over the hits i had on my old site. to date i had 1092.) added mini=poll. added pass-it-on thingy. helped my brother with his site.
8.07.01- added essay. added to cd list. added to stupid things page. added two pictures to les images. also i am wearing plaid pants.
8.12.01- added sweet tea page. added nick's link.
8.15.01- added school rant. added a bit to the moo page.
8.20.01- added don't hit on me page. added the goth list.
9.03.01- added the stress reliever page. did a lil' revamping work on the whole site.
9.04.01- added the shibby! files.
9.05.01- added my purp bean page! his name is... well, just go to the page and find out.
9.11.01- added attack on america page.
10.1.01- IT"S MY BIRTHDAY! added birthday page. added diy page.
10.15.01- added a bit to the "stupid things i do" page. added to moosik. revamped bio. whee!
10.25.01- added stewart's new pic to friend's page. check it out, stewart!!!
11/02/01-added my diary. deleted some pages. updated some stuff. woohoo.
11/06/01- updated opinions page.
11/07/01-added jay and silent bob page, and updated my email address. (thanks travis, for reminding me :))
12.03.01- added Name That Sperm contest.
1.28.02-added homophobia essay and added erin's site to links. changed site name to added get pissy page.
2.08.02-changed colors. took me 5 friggin hours. added survey page. delted lots of useless pages. fun fun fun.
3.02.02.added stuff i like page. seXXXy skater boys. yummy.
3.08.02- changed "pictures of my friends" to "minions". added some pictures. gave the pictures captions. yay.
3.09.02- put captions on the (four) pictures of me. rock on.
3.11.02- remember 9-11. thanks for 1700 hits. added drifter page.
4.14.02. added "but i looove him" page. ooh, 1800 hits. i feel pretty now.
5.3.02. added plastic people page. and wrote some new stuff for the front page. oh for joy.
7.3.02. added corwin to friends
7.10.02 changed diy page to thrifting page.
8.18.02- added a picture of corwin and me to the minions page... go children, and rejoice.
9.09.02- removed attack on america page, added essence of humanity essay, updated diary page with new linky-poo!
9.20.02- removed a whole bunch of useless pages. updated "saga" and "survey me" page.
11.17.02- wow. been a while. sorry. i added a new page, "i need a bigger bumper", and fixed up the links page. new links! and no more broken ones. or crappy ones. YAY!
11.25.02- added "on nudity and beauty in american culture" page. revised a lot of essays so that they were a little more mature-sounding and got the point across better. the opinonated page has changed. i also updated "survey me" page.
11.28.02. updated saga.
2.18.03. happy new year! basically cleaned the site out, added a new page, updated... check it out!
3.27.03. delted a bunch of stuff from the front page. i need a new layout. i wrote some more articles and essays i'll out up this weekend or later today.

please sign my guestbook. it took me two weeks to figure out how to get this thing on my site. i'd hate to have it all go to pot.

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