essay: legalize drugs


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Legalize Drugs
By Natalie
I am a firm believer in the legalization of drugs. I am not condoning drug use, and I dont and wouldnt use them myself even if they were legal. However, I believe that people should have the right to put whatever they want in their body. I think YOU should be responsible for keeping yourself healthy (or unhealthy), not the government. Americans have the right to pursue happiness, and if happiness comes in the form of white powder for someone, then they should have the right to use that white powder. I think that legalizing drugs would even lower the numbers of drug users! Drugs would also be safer. More people would recover from overdoses. Jail space would be freed and police officers would not waste their time catching drug users.
Legalizing drugs would result in a lower number of drug users. If something becomes illegal, it becomes very appealing. If a mother is leaving to go shopping, leaving her kids home alone, and she says, Now dont put any beans in your nose while Im gone! where do the kids go as soon as she locks the door? The pantry, of course. Its human nature. Humans, especially teenagers, have a natural tendency to rebel. They say curiosity kills the cat. Well, if drugs lose their sparkle by becoming legal, wed have a whole lot less dead cats.
If we legalize drugs, they would also be safer, and would not be laced with more dangerous narcotics. That is because the FDA would regulate them. If someone purchases marijuana from a pharmacy, they can be a lot surer it isnt laced with LSD than they would if they had gotten it off the street. People would also be more aware about the side effects because they would be listed on the label.
Another advantage to drug legalization is that fewer people would die from drug overdoes. Many people have died after overdosing because their friends did not call medical attention for fear that they themselves would get in trouble for using drugs. If someone could call 911 for their friend without worrying about being prosecuted themselves, there would be no reason not to call, and overdose victims would get the medical treatment they need.
The legalization of drugs would also free up jail space. Instead of somebody getting 3 months for carrying a bong, we could use that jail space for real criminals, such as child molesters, rapists, and murderers.
It would also give police officers more time and energy to catch these criminals, because theyre not wasting their time going undercover to bust a dealer.
Thats not to say that drugs are safe, or the right thing to do. I wouldn't use them even if they were legal; I can think of better ways to use my brain cells. However, people should have the right to use them if they wish. However, I do think that kids should obey their parents. If they dont want their kids to use drugs, then the kids should respect their wishes. The drugs will still be legal when theyre 18.
In conclusion, legalizing drugs is a good step to take. It would actually lower drug use, and make them safer. More overdose victims would get medical attention. People who are only harming themselves would take up less time and jail space, and it would instead be given to people who are harming others. If you believe in self-government, join the movement to legalize drugs.

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