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through intense research, i've compiled a list of web sites that you may find amusing. actually, it wasn't that intense. it was kinda fun, really. and not all of them are amusing. some of them are serious. sort of. well, not really. but you get my point. meow. (all links will open in a new browser window. ooh, i sound so... professional. rowrrr.)

libertarian party HQ

NORML- Nat'l Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws


peace corps

my best friend erin's journal

noel... that little furry bush-hating liberal guy

fun web games

libertarian site for teens

the world's smallest political quiz cool site for teen girls

antimony and lace (gothic sewing site)

cheapskates- good for clothing tips on the cheap


the frugal fashionista

the ultimate guide to thrifting

gypsy rose- cool hippie stuff