"but i looove him"


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girls suck.

you heard me right. girls suck. picture the following scenario:
Girl is a strong, independent woman, with lots of friends. she has many hobbies and a good social life. one day, Girl meets Boy. Girl and Boy start hanging out more. Evenetually, Girl and Boy decide to take that wonderful leap... they become boyfriend and girlfriend. Boy begins to take up more and more of Girl's time. Eventually, Girl is spending every waking moment with Boy. Girl starts neglecting her friends. Boy is mean to Girl's friends, but Girl takes Boy's side. Girl's friends stop calling her. But Girl doesn't care, because she is in loooove with Boy. Girl gets angry at Boy for spending time with his friends. When Boy goes out, Girl is left at home, crying, because she doesn't know what to do with herself without Boy there. Girl has given up her friends because she wants to spend more time with Boy. Girl has given up her hobbies to spend time with Boy. Eventually, Boy dumps Girl because she is too clingy. Girl is alone, with no friends and no hobbies. Girl tries to call her friends, but they are mad at her for neglecting them. Girl thought she would have everything with Boy, but instead she is
left with nothing.
this sickens me, yet i see this scenario played out every single day. girls, who have a good social life and an independent personality, suddenly get a boyfriend and he becomes their life. this is bad. i have a boyfriend, whom i love very very VERY much... but he is not the sole aspect and purpose of my life! i had my own life before i started a relationship with him, i'm not going to give it up. i don't spend every waking moment with him. i go out with friends, i have time to myself. this makes the time i DO spend with him even more enjoyable, and helps me keep myself in tune with ME. i may miss my boyfriend when i can't be with him, but i'm not going to sit around and mope and whine and cry and wait by the phone.
also, i am sick and tired of hearing girls whine and moan about their lives, saying that if only they could get a boyfriend, that would make everything okay. YOU CANNOT BE HAPPY WITH ANYONE ELSE UNTIL YOU ARE HAPPY WITH YOURSELF. the only boys that go for low self-esteem, vulnerable chicks are the creepy-ass controlling ones. then, when they finally get one, they will take all kind of shit, from cheating to abuse, just because they have such low self-respect that they would rather be in hell than be alone. you want a boyfriend? then stop looking. invest some quality time into finding out who you are, what you want. then, if someone comes along that's good enough for you, sure, go out with him, but take solace in the fact that you're with this person because you like the actual individual, not the concept of "A BOYFRIEND" (capitalized for your convenience.) your significant other should be a PART of your life, not your WHOLE life.

*sings* independent woman...       uh, no.