la thé glacé avec sucre


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i love sweet tea.


i don't like much southern food. grits and gravy turn my stomach. barbecue (BBQ as we say down south) doesn't do that much for me. and greasy, lardy, slimy fried chicken just doesn't appeal to me. but i love sweet tea. i drink literally 4-5 gallons of it a week. i don't drink carbonated drinks like coke and sprite, just give me a lipton's and i'm happy. i don't like the canned storebought stuff, with the artificial lemon flavoring. yuck. i don't like unsweet tea with nutrasweet stirred in. ick, no, i like the home-brewed, real sugar, cold tap water 100% genuine sweet tea. no lemon, no sweetener. just a tall glass, 5 ice cubes, and a sprig of home-grown mint. ahhh... you gotta love the finer things in life. but you can only get it in the south! this makes me mad! i went to kentucky and ordered sweet tea. they brought me unsweet tea and a pack of sweetener. i went to washington d.c., i recieved hot unsweet tea. HOT? what? that defeats the whole purpose! no, only the south has sweet tea. mmm... it almost makes me want to stay here my whole life. when i do my foreign-exchange student thing in france, my mom will have to send me care packages of teabags and sugar. i love the stuff. i'm on a constant sugar high from it. i especially like it when it's really really cold, with lots of sugar. mmm...

sweet tea rocks!