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spazzalee is pissed.

okay i ripped off erin here, but unlike my dear friends, i don't have to little explantaion under each itme, so you'll just have to use your imagination. what a concept.

-girls who are absolutely sappified over their boooooyfriends and forget their friends
-bad movies
-stupid people
-teachers who think they're God
-snotty nurses
-the fact that they took "daria" and "freaks and geeks" off the air
-the wb
-tecahers who act like my mom
-when my mom tells me to change my clothes
-when my mom cares too much about what everyone else thinks
-strangers who pinch my ass
-when people make rude comments to me
-parenting class
-obsessive ex-boyfriends
-little redheaded boys that come up to me and ask me if they'd make a good freak
-when people call me a slut
-when untrue rumors are spread
-organized things
-when my mom goes through my stuff
-the school administartion
-the whole rebel flag debate thing
-racist bigots

more to come

feel the wrath