my school rant


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the administrators in my school are idiots.

my high school has 1,100 students. my school is filled to over the capacity it was built for. the school is only three years old, but it is supersaturated with teenagers, and we don't even have a full senior class. we don't have enough lockers to accomodate all the students. there are people who are carrying around 4 binders, 4 huge books, gym clothes, a lunch, etc., all because my school is so crowded that there are not enough lockers to go around. we have two teachers assigned to one room, and they have to teach their classes simutaneously. in one drama class, there are drama I, II, and III students, all in one class, with one teacher. how do you teach three classes at once? we have drawing students and photography students in one class. that's two completely different media, people! we have four lunches, some students do not eat until 1:30. it's insane. the halls are so crowded, you can't walk to class, you have to crowdsurf. our governor's plan for smaller classes has resulted in this! and now, our :sarcasm:highly-esteemed principal:sarcasm: is going to use all of our gvernment money to build... get this... A NEW GYM. we have a gym, a huge one. we do not need another gym. we need a bigger cafeteria. we need more lockers. we need more classrooms. we do not need a new gym. but NOOOO, athletics are the most important thing, of course. what, little johnny cured cancer? well that's fine, but did you hear that our jv volleyball team won 3rd place? what, the band was rated the highest in the nation. well, that's nothing, our football team won a game!! at least that's the mindset our principal seems to have. he is so boring. my best friend called him a human quaalude, and i agree. it's so frustrating, getting knocked in the head every time i walk down the hall, most of my friends don't have lockers, we don't have a full-time drama teacher (yet we have three P.E. teachers), my stomach is roaring by the time they allow me to eat, but NO! we must build more athletic things! that way, we can brag about all our young athletes! never mind that 1 in a million people can make a living from that! we must build gyms, and lockers rooms, and fields! we must buy footballs and expensive batting machines! because ATHLETICS is the most important thing! not fine arts, not science, not technology, but SPORTS!


the only comfort i can find is that i have only three more years in that prison, then i have the FREEDOM (what an alien word to our administrators) to choose where i get my education, or the freedom to choose to not continue my education. i'll just hang on...

don't ask me for my school name, cause i won't give it to you, you little STALKER!!