don't hit on me


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i'm in looooove...


okay, stop awwwing. that's chris, up there. and me, up there, too. okay, it is kind of cute. you can aww a little bit.

okay, that's enough.

chris and i have been together since november sixteenth, 2000. at the time i wrote this, we've been together for nine months. he's fantastic, i really do love him. he brings me flowers, and he calls me every day, and he writes songs for me, and makes up little cute nicknames for me and he's just so sweet and wooga-boogum coochie coo.... okay, see, now he's got me talking baby talk. but he really is the sweetest person i've ever known, and one of the best things to ever happen to me. and he's fine, too. dang. he's in a band called orchid, he plays lead guitar and vocals. he likes final fantasy, he's very introspective and intelligent. he's got that whole sexy-brooding-musician-type thing going on. very attractive. we went to the zoo for our fourth-month anniversary (monthiversary? it wouldn't be anniversary because "an" is latin for "year". i don't know, i'll stick with anniversary.) and saw the pandas, and had a really good time. i think we'll be together for a while. i love you, chris.

okay, you think i can't hear you sneaking in that little aw. stop it.