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my lil' artsy-fartsy page

this is a song i wrote, called "reject":

whispered excues
blistering lies
you say you know the truth
you say opened are your eyes
yet you reject

if you wait
you won't resurrect
all because
you did reject

i'm accompanied by angels
i see exultation tangible
gloriuos light blinding me
forever joy is in me/Until

tears from above
fall down to you in the fire
and i witness you
screaming in pain from below



it's all or nothing
there's no gray area
for you my heart bleeds
i feel I can't break this barrier
because you REJECT

WHY? do you rejec my Savior
WHY? do you not accept
WHY? do you turn against Him

you say you don't long to suffer
but yet
you reject (refrain)


refrain (3x)

then here's some fun songs! (i didn't write these)

Sing to the tune of the chorus of "Hit Me Baby...One More Time" by Britney Spears

"The Booby Song"
My chest flatness
Was killing me
And I
I must confess
I paid for these
(Paid for these)
I look thirty-two,
I'm just a child
I am a crime
Make my boobies one more size

Sing to the tune of the chorus of "Oops, I Did It Again"

"Oops, I Got More Implants"
Oops, I think I did it again
I got more implants
I'm full of silicone
Oh baby baby
Oops, you think these are real
I'm a Barbie doll
I'm not natural


The Alien Poem
I found an alien in my pocket
As I was rummaging for change.
His little plastic body
Struck me as sort of strange.
I'd never ever seen him
In all my life before.
But his red eyes seemed to say,"Keep me!"
So I did, though I don't know what for.
I set him on my dresser
When I got home from work.
He seemed to be alive;
Vibrant, full of perk.
"Impossible,"I scoffed.
"It's just a plastic toy.
A little plaything designed
To bring tots fun and joy."
Yet I couldn't shake the feeling
That it was watching me.
So I stuck him in a drawer
Where his red eyes could not see.
At the stroke of midnight,
It jumped out of its makeshift home.
It picked up my cell phone
And said, "E.T. phone home!"

I Love You
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I knew I'd died and gone to heaven
The first time I saw you.
I thought you were so fine
So I got your number from a friend,
And your e-mail address, too
So IMs to you I could send.
I checked into your profile
On your AOL account.
The information I found there
Was too numerous to count!
Your name, and your school,
And your home address, too!
And a link to your website
Where I could download pics of you.
I ran my printer out of paper
Printing your gorgeous face
I plastered it on my wall
With adhesive paste.
The next day at school
I put a note into your locker
And stayed after classes
To watch you in a game of soccer.
After the game,
I followed you home.
I went through your garbage
And I stole your old comb.
I pulled the hair from the comb
And put it in a plastic bag.
I knew I'd treasure it forever
Even when I was an old hag!
For the next month or so,
I followed you everywhere
I felt that if I stalked you
You'd finally start to care.
But I guess it got annoying;
You reported me to the cops.
They put me in prison
And the food here is not tops.
I know you're kinda ticked with me
'Cause I watched your every move,
But I'll love you forever
Because you're such a groove!
I'll return all the stuff I stole
When I broke into your house
Your toothbrush, your underwear,
And your sweatshirt of Mickey Mouse.!!
You'll never be free of me;
You know that unexplained tattoo?
I got you drunk one night;
On your arm it says, "ME + YOU!"
I hope that you'll forgive me
At least before you die
"Cause even though I stalked you,
I'm actually pretty fly!

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