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i'm already worried.

i know i shouldn'y be worrying about college yet. well, actually, i should. i'm a sophomore in high school and i can't wait to get out of high school. i just want to grow up already. i've been looking at colleges lately and here are some that look good:
University of Georgia
Georgia State University
Emory College

uga and emory are pretty selective though, and i'll have to work very hard these next three years to maintain my gpa (3.625). i'm not just worried about getting in, though. i'm worried about leaving my life behind. my friends, family, everyone. chris will be going off to college a year earlier than i will, leaving me to finish my senior year of high school all by myself. he'll probably end up going to uga, which is TWO hours away. i just don't know what i'm gonna do with myself when that happens. he's such a great guy. and erin. our friendship will go to pot when 2004 rolls around, i know it will. she'll go off to new york state with a liberal arts scholarship or something and i'll meander off to georgia state, staying home. she won't come back, either. she loves the city life too much. :::sigh::: oh well. i know i'll have fun, though. meeting new people, decorating my dorm... the classes will be pretty tough, but i'll deal. i just want to teach. well, thus ends my spiel because i have to go to bed.


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