i liek moosik


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the hills are ringing...

i enjoy listening to music, however, i only have about 20 cds. i'm so deprived. here's a list of them. (if you think this page is going to be incredibly boring, you could always just scroll down to the picture of the naked chick at the bottom.)

Enema of the State-----------------------Blink-182
Something like Human---------------------Fuel
Krave the Flame--------------------------Krave
Drawing Black Lines----------------------Project 86
Human Clay-------------------------------Creed
Thirty-Three-----------------------------The Smashing Pumpkins
The Fundamental Elements of Southtown----P.O.D.
Tragic Kingdom---------------------------No Doubt
Hybrid Theory----------------------------Linkin Park
Break the Cycle--------------------------Staind
3 from Dysfunction-----------------------Staind
a White Zombie cd i don't know the title of
Now 3
The Green Album--------------------------Weezer
All Killer no Filler---------------------Sum41
Good Charlotte---------------------------Good Charlotte

other bands i like are:
vertical horizon
goo-goo dolls

and others i can't remember and don't feel like looking up.

i lied about the naked chick, you pervert!